A Small Team of Experts Helping Businesses Achieve More

The Infotech team is a diversely talented group of consultants who have been in the IT and digital branding business for 30+ years.  As a small, intimate team we're able to integrate seamlessly into our clients business to provide results and long-lasting partnerships.


Infotech is a team but we also pride ourselves on being individuals.  We are consultants and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of succeeding for our clients but strive to grow our personal skill sets and knowledge.

We don't believe in the standard business models or formal regulations but you won't find any 'foosball culture' here.  Instead we're rooted with strong business practices - like transparency, honest communication and hard work - so that no matter how technology changes we remain a progressive team.


We have never wanted to grow just for growth's sake.  Instead, we focus on quality talent who can deliver results.  Infotech has a unique leadership and business makeup that allows our consultants to thrive as individuals while still being part of a bonded team.  We're all very passionate about what we do and it shows in the work we create.

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